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Three Reasons Why You Don’t Delegate

“You just need to get better at delegating.” How many times have you heard this statement? Whether it be from a boss, a personal-productivity guru, or some other “enlightened” soul, the advice often comes off as shallow and simplistic. “Of course, delegate it,” you say to yourself, “like it’s that easy.”
Why is delegating so hard? And what can you do to make it easier? Read on, dear friend. […]

The high cost of seeking product perfection

Today I almost let perfectionism get in the way of improving my health.

I came across the Jawbone UP, an electronic bracelet that tracks your movements and displays fitness graphs and goals on your iPhone. It’s $99 and thus lies within that magical impulse purchase zone (for me, at least). So I almost impulse-purchased it, but then …

… perfectionism reared its purple head. Just moments ago, I was browsing with increasing glee UP’s drool-worthy features list. To wit:

Vibrating inactivity reminders. When I’m sitting too long and not taking breaks, as I am wont to do, it will gently remind me I should be taking better care of my spine, mind, and other important bits. […]

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At 80% ready, MOVE!

Take quick action to avoid analysis paralysis and lead:

It is said–though probably apocryphal–that Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest explained his victories by his “getting there firstest with the mostest.” There is valid reasoning in getting there first. Life is about success not perfection. The first one into a market often becomes the leader, correcting […]

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